Recipe: Tasty Cod tacos

Recipe: Tasty Cod tacos

Cod tacos. This easy, healthy cod fish taco recipe is seasoned with a chili-lime cumin rub topped with slaw – no These fish tacos have a delicious crisp cabbage and carrot slaw, then drizzled with a lightened up. This recipe for cod fish tacos is seasoned white fish layered with corn cabbage slaw, a creamy sauce, avocado slices and a squeeze of fresh lime; all tucked inside warm corn tortillas. These tacos are ideal for sharing.

Cod tacos Well, these are the end-all be-all. The fish—we use cod, but any flaky variety works—marinates in a mixture of lime juice, chili powder, and cumin that will become your standard. Cod fish tacos with easy cajun seasoned blackened cod, healthy avocado crema made with yogurt, and shredded cabbage. You can cook Cod tacos using 19 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Cod tacos

  1. It’s of Cod.
  2. You need of Tortilla wrap.
  3. Prepare of Salt and pepper for seasoning.
  4. It’s of Olive oil for frying.
  5. You need of Slaw.
  6. Prepare of Red and white cabbage.
  7. Prepare of Lettuce.
  8. You need of Spring onion.
  9. You need of Lime.
  10. You need of Guacamole.
  11. You need of Avocado.
  12. Prepare of Red onion.
  13. It’s of Cherry tomatos.
  14. Prepare of Kalapeno pepper.
  15. Prepare of Sauce.
  16. It’s of Natural yogurt.
  17. You need of Mint.
  18. It’s of Garlic.
  19. Prepare of Lime.

To make these blackened cod fish tacos complete, you have to have some cilantro avocado sauce. Put it all together and you've got some quick and delicious blackened cod fish tacos. Blackened Cod Fish Tacos With Purple Cabbage Slaw. Light, spicy, tender, quick to make, perfect Blackened Cod Fish Tacos – full of wonderful flavors, these fish tacos are better than the ones you.

Cod tacos instructions

  1. To make the sauce first heat garlic clove in a frying pan. Unclove the garlic and mash, then add to yogurt with a chopped sprig of mint and a squeeze of lime..
  2. Prepare the slaw by shredding red and white cabbage and the lettuce. Add a thinly sliced spring onion and toss in a squeeze of lime..
  3. For the guacamole, dice avocado, red onion, jalapeno and tomatoes. Mash until you achieve your desired consistency (smooth or chunky)..
  4. Add a splash of olive oil to a frying pan and place in cod (seasoned with salt and pepper). Cook on one side for around 4 minutes and the other for 3 minutes or until cooked..
  5. Heat tortilla wrap in a frying pan..
  6. Then assemble by filling tortilla with fish, slaw, guac and sauce. Extra lime and jalapeno peppers can be used to top..

Here's a recipe for fish tacos that you won't be able to stop eating until they're all gone. There are a lot of moving parts in this recipe, but none of them are particularly difficult to. Flaky cod fish is battered and fried for the most delicious Battered Cod Fish Tacos. Top it off with a simple slaw and avocado salsa and you have an easy, and tasty dinner. Keto Fried Fish Tacos with Wild Alaskan Cod, Blackened Cod Fish Tacos, Spicy Cod Tacos with Tomato Salsa.

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