How to Cook Tasty Barley beancurd dessert

How to Cook Tasty Barley beancurd dessert

Barley beancurd dessert. A close-up shot of Chinese bean curd, ginkgo nuts, and barley sweet soup (腐竹白果薏米糖水). Chinese, especially Cantonese cuisine, has so many delicious sweet/dessert soup. These soups are usually easy to prepare and super healthy.

Barley beancurd dessert Gently stir the soup with a spatula. Cover the inner pot with lid and transfer it into the Shuttle Chef® outer pot. This dessert can also be made simply with just the green beans and sweetened with rock sugar, or paired with a number of supporting Both the mung beans and barley are known to have a "cooling effect" to help the body clear excess "heat" in Chinese medicine. You can cook Barley beancurd dessert using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Barley beancurd dessert

  1. It’s 1 cups of holland barley.
  2. Prepare 75 grams of beancurd for dessert.
  3. Prepare 200 grams of pre-boiled gingko nuts.
  4. It’s To taste of rock sugar.
  5. Prepare A few of pcs pandan leaves, knotted.

Gingko barley tongsui (白果薏米腐竹糖水) is a very common sweet dessert (tong sui). But have you ever wonder why sometimes the beancurd sheet (fu chuk) will soften & almost melt in the soup but. Make sure you buy the soft type of beancurd skin to make this dessert. The other type, which is harder and oilier, is more suitable for making savoury Chinese.

Barley beancurd dessert step by step

  1. Wash clean holland barley. There are 2 different type of barley that can be easily found in singapore. Chinese barley has cooling properties, but the taste is a bit funny. Holland barley tastes nicer, suitable for dessert but some says it can cause phlegm. I use holland barley for this dessert as i like the taste more..
  2. Smash the beancurd sheet to smaller pieces. Pls make sure you use the one for dessert. There is other type of beancurd sheet for soup too but it is more oily and the texture is different..
  3. Now the gingko nuts. I bought the pre-boiled gingko nuts. Some says that we need to remove the core to avoid any bitter taste in this dessert..
  4. Prepare 3L of water, cook barley and beancurd together. Add pandan leaves. I use pressure cooker so it takes me like 5 mins and all are tender already. Beancurd will be very soft like porridge consistency. Some people doesn’t like porridge consistency so you can cook the beancurd later on. If you use normal pot/pan, it probably takes 30 minutes to cook the barley till tender..
  5. Add gingko nuts and boil for another 10 minutes. Add rock sugars to taste..
  6. Done! Can be served cold or warm. I like mine cold..

I had almost forgotten about this dessert until I saw Fu Chok sold in the market. Barley is researched to have the capabilities of reducing lower cholesterol levels. Chinese believed that the sweet soup will be good..bean curd skin, gingko nuts, and barley. suitable for concepts like food and beverage, sweets and desserts, health and nutrition. favorite chinese dessert , delicious bean , coconut and herb in syrup. Chinese walnut filled muffin being held by a set of prongs. Ginkgo Barley with Dried Beancurd Skin Dessert 白果薏米腐竹糖水 This is one of my favourite Chinese desserts of all time.

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